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Every year companies face varied challenges; launching new products or services, integrating new technologies, streamlining infrastructures or complying with new/existing legislation. In one way or another all of these challenges can be considered projects, simply because a project is defined as a sequence of activities in a given time-frame, carried out by multiple individuals to achieve a common goal.

Wherever we fit in in the hierarchy of a company we are all, to a lesser or greater extent, Project Managers. The decision to use a collaborative project management software often stems from common criteria.

Most of us want to:

  • break up our work and put it down in list form, making it easier to track
  • have a checklist to make sure everyone knows what to do and nothing is forgotton
  • a central space where all documents and related discussions are easily accessible by everyone
  • launch discussions or attach documents within the context of a project
  • cut down on repetitive, useless emails

Do any of these points apply to you? If so, take a quick look at how Planzone can solve these dilemmas. There is a non-exhaustive list of examples of projects perfectly suited to using an online collaborative project management software.


Planzone is pivotal to our project management. It allows us to consolidate teams around a common schedule, sharing documents and upcoming activities remotely; to ensure the advancement of our projects and keep those responsible up-to date on their current and future tasks and alert them to priorities, assisting them in decision making vis-a-vis objectives. It also allows each user to manage his time and work independently while maintaining an overview of all the projects he is involved in. Using Planzone makes us more effective and we gain precious time in running multiple projects in parallel.

Emmanuelle Olivié-Paul, Markess

Emmanuelle Olivié-Paul
Managing Partner



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