March 2015

Increase in productivity: 4 barriers to bypass

More productivity means extra work, but simply duplicating tasks and extending working hours is not always the solution. Methods to improve efficiency and increase productivity can be summed up in one word: organization.


Unwanted mails: an obstacle to productivity

Anybody who works on a computer knows how easy it is to be overwhelmed by emails. Responding to them all, first the urgent and then the less urgent takes time, we also have to contend with spam which however good our filter is, still seems to find its way into our inbox. Sorting through all of this takes up more time and we are often sidetracked with unimportant emails.
The solution? Create a Discussion in Planzone. Here, all conversations are structured and grouped according to a topic or a project, streamlining your discussions and thereby increasing your productivity.

Interruptions and loss of time

As a professional, you know how disturbing it is to be bothered all the time and not be able to concentrate on a task. It is important to limit incessant calls and interruptions from colleagues that can disrupt productivity and concentration.
The solution - once again, is Planzone. Planzone allows you to adapt the time you spend on a task by determining its relative importance and end date. Less urgent tasks are pushed to the back of the queue.

Procrastination: the enemy of efficiency

Not knowing how to prioritize and lacking the tools to do so engenders procrastination, the enemy of efficiency. Procrastination leads to a mountain of tasks accumulating that it becomes more and more difficult to deal with.
The solution? Organize your time with a planning tool that is both simple and effective. Planzone allows you to put tasks and sub-tasks into your schedule, managing deadlines and so creating a schedule that is realistic and consistent with an optimized workload.

The search for non-centralized information

The use of varied tools and software often causes confusion when it comes to storing information, it can be stored in Emails, Word and Excel files, jpegs, PDFs... The failure to centralize information causes loss of time, damaging for the company and for each employee’s individual organization.
The solution ? Planzone, as always. One of the many features offered by our project management tool is the ability to centralize information. Sending out emails with attachments becomes redundant, all documents related to a project are grouped and accessible to all project members at the click of a mouse. There’s no need to use Excel for schedules and calendars. Everyone can see all the essential information by simply accessing Planzone.

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