March 2015

4 reasons to use a collaborative tool

Working collaboratively has become more common and more democratic in recent years, largely owing to the proliferation of specialized tools. But what exactly can they do?
Collaborative tool

Share documents easily

An online collaborative tool is an interface that allows a team to work together on a project via the internet. Everybody on the team has access to and can see all of the projects they are working on. This makes sharing documents remarkably easy. Upload the documents you want to share, (or import them from Google Drive) and anyone who needs to will have immediate access with just one click. A single step allows you to communicate with everybody.

Discussions related to projects

A collaborative project involves ongoing communication and there is nothing more efficient than a collaborative tool for achieving this. You can start discussions, invite new participants and most importantly, keep all the dialogue in one place. Everyone can add their grain of wisdom in a non-disruptive way. And, to make sure you stay abreast of all the issues being discussed you can choose the option of receiving (or not) an alert mail.

Sharing knowledge

Using a collaborative tool enables you to centralize your tasks and to keep up-to-date with all ongoing projects. There are clear advantages to involving all employees, although some companies still choose to split up responsibilities others prefer to set up collaborative projects so everyone can stay informed and everyone can share their knowledge through wikis for example. Just because an employee is not working on a particular project doesn’t mean that he or she doesn’t have some know-how or experience to share. Teamwork in itself is an energizer and has become an important contributor to the success of a company.

Reduce email traffic

And finally, a collaborative tool limits email traffic, a very appealing aspect for many! Who has never spent ages searching through their inbox desperately searching for an elusive mail? Nothing is more frustrating that looking one by one through each mail, to find the one you want. When several team members are working on the same project, using a collaborative tool allows you to have discussions and dialogue in context and all pertaining information is centralized. Tasks, documents, discussions and schedule are all correlated/inter-connected and are easy to find.

It is evident that collaborative tools like Planzone, offer huge advantages to businesses. They allow better access to information, easy sharing and greatly improved management. Techniques that save time and increase productivity in a way that any professional will appreciate.

Has your company ever used a collaborative tool?

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