July 2015

4 criteria for choosing your collaborative tool

In today’s market there is a huge choice of collaborative tools and new ones appear every day. Companies realize how it can improve their organization. A real boost to productivity, the tool you use should be chosen very carefully. Here are some criteria to help you make your decision.

Collaborative tool

Variety of features

If a particular tool may seem perfect for your present needs, it is important to foresee the evolution of your company and imagine what additional features might become important in the future. As you become more familiar with a collaborative tool, you will quickly realize how essential and economical it is and your expectations will evolve and you will start to want more. Don't settle for an “okay” solution, choose something right from the beginning that can handle your growth and can centralize all the information related to your work as a team.

Ease of use

With regard to saving time and money, it is essential that the collaborative tool you choose is straightforward and easy to use. It must be able to adapt to each of your employees in order to become an real asset in your organization. Warning; simplicity should not be confused with lack of features! A suitable tool should have options in administration that allow different visibilities to different employees, for example an intern won’t have the same access as a manager.

The business model

The advent of SaaS has given great flexibility to companies. Now, there is no need to install fixed software, all you need is access to the web to be able to use many solutions (thus avoiding pre-SaaS material constraints). No more installation costs, all you need is to sign up to a flexible subscription as required

Support and service

Choosing a provider must include evaluating the quality of its service. For a collaborative tool to really add value and not disrupt your way of working it is essential that the tool adapts to the way you work and not visa versa. The provider must therefore be able to advise you and assist you in how to incorporate the tool into your work structure. Technical support, help center and training are all the things a quality provider should be able to offer you.

As perhaps you already have seen, Planzone is a professional collaborative tool for businesses. The software includes all the features that enable you to work better together: tasks, documents, schedules, discussions, calendars... It's a comprehensive tool that is easy to implement, easy to use and requires no special technical skill.
In addition, Planzone adapts to the real needs of each individual company with subscriptions that meet the objectives of teams of any size. And finally, you have full help center support through email, phone, online services and customized training sessions.

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And if other selection criteria come to mind, share them with us!

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