May 2014

Don't ever lose your documents with Planzone

Almost every day, particularly if we are working with projects, we find ourselves rewriting, adding to or reviewing several different documents at the same time. The documents can have different formats, different content, are personal, can be co-written or shared with colleagues or clients. They can be documents used for reference on specific topics or need to be redrafted or updated. In short, each document is unique and only efficient, coherent organization makes using and revising them a streamlined task.

Frequently we are limited by the usual office tools to create documents and send them via email. All too often we forget a recipient, our messages are diverted by spam filters or we spend time scrolling through incoming mail looking for receipt confirmations, all a waste of time...

The obvious solution is to centralize project documentation in an easily accessible, online environment. This is exactly what Planzone can offer you in the document management function.

Find your documents easily

We all have on our computers dozens of folders that contain hundreds of documents. Unless you have a memory like an elephant or an incredible organization system, the likelihood is that finding a particular document will take you some time.

By using Planzone’s document tags, finding documents becomes a breeze. How does it work ? Whenever you import a document into Planzone, you associate it with one or more keywords, either relevant to the document’s topic or in a filing system known to your co-workers. Once this is done all projects members can easily find the document by simply doing a search with a keyword.


Associate documents with other items in your project

Our project documents are important. Whether they refer to the minutes of a meeting, specifications for a job, Key Performance criteria ... it's always useful to be able to link the document to a particular aspect of a project.

One of the main advantages of Planzone is that in the context of your project everything is centralized. There is a correlation between different items that can be easily associated with each other, in this way groups are formed that have all the information relevant to a given topic and accessible via several pathways.

You will be able to attach a document to :

- a project (summary of the objectives and risks of a project )
- a discussion (the PNG design document of a new application and related discussions of those involved)
- an activity (the scope of resources that might be needed at this stage)
- a task ( template of a questionnaire, the risks of a particular stage of a project)
- an event ( minutes of a meeting)
- milestone ( scanned copy of customer validation for each step )

You will know at a glance what project items have a document attached because the file attachment icon will be visible. A real time-saver when you are looking for files during a meeting or a conference call.


Be sure you are working on the latest version

Working with others on the same document makes it difficult to always know whether the document you are working on is the latest version. Getting updates, additions and changes from different people by email leads to a confusing and complicated task when it comes to re-writing the document.

By centralizing all your documents in Planzone, you always know which is the latest version. Import your document, inform other participants and create a new version for each change you make. You even have the option of keeping archived versions in case of error.


Free yourself from technical limitations

Last, but not least our reliance on hardware; your hard drive fails, you can’t connect to your session, you’re travelling without your computer... things that happen to everyone.

With Planzone, with just an Internet connection you gain access to your project documents anywhere, anytime. And, no worries about the privacy of your data. Our platform is hosted on French servers in a leading European DataCenter.

With Planzone, you work better and keep your peace of mind!

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