October 2013

Planzone promotes young soccer talents – and wins 8:0!

Munich – Home of the successful soccer club FC Bayern Munich and at the same time of the German Planzone-team. During the last seasons, the famous soccer club has shown that local players can become true heroes: Müller, Lahm, and Schweinsteiger are among the best-known examples.

Yet, until such success is achieved, it takes lots of active support. Working with young players is a challenging but also rewarding project – just the type of project where Planzone is needed. In this case, however, there is not so much a technical need but rather a material one – and still, Planzone can help: Since this season, the junior team of the TSV Pliening-Landsham is wearing jerseys sponsored by Planzone.


The young players have already proven that they are heading in the right direction, making youth work a success story: the young team won the first match with 8:0 and even the second match was dominated by the Munich team. Berti Müller, chief sports director of TSV Pliening-Landsham, thanked Hans-Jürgen Benker for his support. Benker is Country Manager of Planzone in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. “As we are only about to start this venture, the support is particularly crucial for its success,” said Müller.

The support of the young team directly reflects the philosophy of Planzone: achieving one’s goals with the help of most efficient software solutions. A victory in sports equals the successful realization of projects in a certain timeframe with certain financial resources. In order to score, every project team needs a well-structured project plan, which is flexible enough to adapt to any modifications. The same is true for the resource plan, which plays an important role in assigning tasks and activities.

Eventually, playing in a team relies on efficient cooperation. In the context of collaboration, team work implies sharing documents, commenting on projects and assigning tasks. All this can be done easily in the Planzone. Just as in soccer, the project team needs to be well coordinated and capable of reacting fast on changes in the project plan.
How about you use Planzone and manage your projects with a highly efficient team? Catch the pass – the ball is yours now!

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