July 2014

Use the Prince2 methodology with Planzone: Equinoxe user story

For this article, we interviewed Kevin Johnston, Programme Management Head at Equinoxe, to show us how he uses the Prince2 methodology with Planzone.
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Can you introduce you and your company?

Equinoxe is a full-service alternative investment fund administration company, headquartered in Bermuda, with offices in Bermuda, Ireland, USA, Mauritius, Malta and Singapore.
As Programme Management Head, I am responsible for programme level prioritization, oversight of global projects, project resourcing, monitoring, delivery, training and related practices.
Collaboration with teams across 8 global locations with projects involving staff from multiple locations across multiple disciplines.

Why did you choose the Prince2 methodology?

Every project is different – different size, complexity, deliverables, budgets, time, resources etc. So it is important that any approach you adopt is flexible. This is one of the advantages of PRINCE2©. It allows you to implement consistent project principles, processes and structures, while at the same time, it can be tailored to suit our operating environment and the types of projects our company is involved in. So it is very scalable and customisable.

It’s been around since 1996 and is now the defacto standard in project management, so we know this approach works, allowing our teams to focus on the unique business case and deliverables for each of our projects.

What benefits does using Prince2 and Planzone bring for your company & staff?

Having the Prince2 approach combined with the simplicity of Planzone made the roll out of a new approach to projects much simpler. Once we had tailored Planzone to our Prince2 approach, it brought a great deal of consistency to the governance and delivery of our projects. We now know that each project will have a clearly defined start and a formal closure - and all of this is visible across the portfolio in Planzone. Our project managers know the structure of any given project before they start; where the various documents are; how the team will be structured; and can even benefit from quickly viewing similar projects we have already done via Planzone. So much cleaner, more consistent, simpler and faster than before.

A big thank you to Kevin Johnston for taking the time to answer these few questions.
And you, do you know the Prince2 methodology? Do you already use it in your business?

Note that a Prince2 project template is available during your 14 days trial so do not hesitate to register ans test it !

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