February 2015

What do you really expect from teamwork ?

A recent report on the status of work productivity by the firm Cornerstone OnDemand has come to our attention. A dozen questions were put to 1029 US employees aged over 18 years, including: " What would motivate you to work more as a team? " We thought it would be informative to share the results.


Recognition of my work and the effort I have put in

Working in a team means sharing and supporting one another in order to achieve a common goal: ensure the success and sustainability of your company. Teamwork implies recognizing the work of others; acknowledging the value of their input is a real stimulus for your co-workers, it improves relations through better communication, builds trusts and a greater awareness of other employees. This mutual motivation obviously leads to better results and animates others in the company to achieve the same thing.

Encouragement from my Managers

This may be obvious but ... how many of you are lucky enough to have a Manager
that stimulates you, encourages you and thanks you once a job is well done ? You try to work as well as you can to keep your job and for your own betterment but on a daily basis you are often working for your Manager. He needs you to be on the same page as him, for your work to help him achieve his goals as well. The simplest way to do this is through encouragement, appreciation and recognition when a job is done well, either with verbal praise, a raise or a promotion etc. Successful teamwork requires the active involvement of managers and awareness/appreciation of your work.

Handling pertinent queries or requests

Teamwork doesn’t mean that you do everyone else’s work. Being effective in a team means doing the work relevant to you, that in combination with others achieves a concrete result. And so to save time it is essential that the assigned tasks correspond to the skills of each employee. This requires rigorous organization.

The ease of sharing information

Teamwork is great, doing it effectively is even better! With software like Planzone, you can share your information quickly and easily and keep your colleagues up-to-date, in real time, on the progress of your work. Their work might depend on yours being finished first, so it is crucial to coordinate.

Share data when I want, from wherever I am and from any device

Share data when you want, from wherever you are and from any device
Teamwork doesn’t only mean being in the same office, it also means working together on a project. Sharing data must be easy from wherever you are; whether you work in the same building, at home or on the other side of the world. Using an online collaborative tool accessible from any computer, you can communicate and work with your colleauges without any geographical constraints.

What do you really expect from teamwork?

Access the complete results of the study

And you, what would motivate you to work more as a team ? Do these points have the same resonance for you ?

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