March 2014

Planzone User Story: Volunteer Association

An association with a sustained pace

Screenshot_1Image1The association ‘Héros de Papier Froissé’ (H.P.F.) came into being through the initiative of several literature enthusiasts who wanted to promote and publish original works of fiction, inspired by famous literary works, on the Internet (or elsewhere) without disregarding copyright restrictions.

As is often found with associations of a similar kind, most activity takes place after-hours, or during weekends and holidays. After more than four years (H.P.F was founded in October 2008), the president of the association Juliane began looking for a Project Management tool that offered the following features:
- Planning - using a Gantt chart.
- The ability to assign and complete collective tasks.
- Time management.


The use of an online collaborative tool for an Association

Members of the association come from all corners of the french-speaking world and are almost never able to meet physically to work together.So, it became indispensable to find a tool that would allow them to:
- centralize data from all of their projects
- have access to a collaborative workspace
- stay on top of progress from the rest of the team.

Planzone quickly established itself as a common ground for those members of the association who wanted an end to interminable e-mails and an easy, instant way of sharing documents.
Today, Planzone allows them to run several long-term projects at a time thanks to the multi-project management feature, for example:
- the publication of an additional Newspaper (an 18 month project).

- a project to participate in a festival as an exhibitor (a 6 month project).
- redesigning the graphics of three of their sites (on-going project).

To manage the association, the president (administrator of the Planzone) created a project and the Project Manager structured it, adding Activities and Tasks as, and when needed.Planzone’s strengths, according to the president of the association, are:
- The Overview, which enables a complete and up-to-date look at all ongoing activities: whether the Overview in "My Work" for each user or the Overview of a project for the Project Manager.
- How easy it is to collaborate in Planzone.
- The ability to plan a schedule with a deadline, set tasks with a deadline and assign these to individual members.
- The intuitiveness of the interface.

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