Planzone Security Policy


Augeo Software, the operator of the Planzone Services, has created this Security Policy in order to demonstrate our firm commitment to security. The following discloses our security and accessibility policies.


User identification


At signup or when you are invited to join a Planzone Workspace, you are asked to choose and enter a password. Your password is encrypted using SHA-1 and stored in encrypted format. Your password is never sent to you by any means. It is not accessible to Augeo employees.

If you have forgotten your password, or your password is not working for some reason, you can re-establish your identity with the system as follows:

Data Access


Planzone Services make use of all the necessary technical solutions and processes to ensure data security and the safe exchange of business information among users.

Only the members of a Planzone Workspace can see and access its contents. Based on the data access rights determined by the Planzone account holder or any User he/she may designate, a user may not see some Workspace data or be able to update some information.


Protection of information being transmitted


Planzone Services use encryption technology integrated in your browser to ensure the safe transmission of your information and documents when logged into the system. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption with up to 128-bit key length encryption is used when exchanging information between your browser and our servers. Our SSL secured certificate is provided by GlobalSign, part of the GMO Internet Inc.

Learn more about our SSL certificate


Planzone RSS feeds


Planzone RSS feeds provide useful summary information about projects and wikis within a Planzone Workspace. RSS feeds are links secured with a SHA-1 key which controls access to the feed data. The RSS feed data is accessed using your Planzone login and password through a secured Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encrypted connection. Users have the responsibility to properly manage their RSS reader application to protect the confidentiality of the data made available through RSS feeds.




Planzone Services uses the service of a payment authority for credit card payment. The Customer credit card number is encrypted, never known by us, and is not stored in the Planzone database.


Server Platform Security


We have adopted appropriate data collection, storage and processing practices as well as software and physical security measures to protect us against unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure or destruction of your personal data and account data. Our data center, located in France, also follows strict backup and security procedures.




A redundant architecture assures your company than even if a server gets down, another one is still here to make your data available, and therefore don’t interrupt your team work. We are proud to say that we provide a 24/7 availability from anywhere in the world, with over 99,9% of availability in 2008, not including any unplanned downtime.




A collaborative platform is oriented towards information sharing. However, this does not mean that you want to allow external people to access your projects, or releasing information by mistake. As you can see in our Certificate of confidentiality, we are highly committed to respect confidentiality rules.

  • Your project data can only be seen by a project member
  • Your project information is fully encrypted using a 256-bits SSL protocol
  • Planzone staff cannot access your projects anytime




Our reliable data hosting is already trusted by many Fortune500 companies. We use the latest technology to secure data stored on our servers, and we have some staff dedicated to constantly improve our security processes.

  • All changes on our servers are logged and can be cancelled
  • Servers are backed up daily
  • Hosting premises are monitored 24/7 by a security agency