Save time

Save time

A project template is a framework that allows you to start new projects quickly. It can simplify your workflow, your procedures, list your tasks or group your current documents ... the possibilities are endless. Most importantly, each project template can be fully customized to suit your needs. Working from a reliable, common structure, your team members are encouraged to participate, have the advantage of shared milestones from the outset and are immediately operational.

Create company standards

Create company standards

A project template is a very valuable source of knowledge for a company. As soon as one project has been completed you can take advantage of the experience gained and incorporate what you have learnt into the next project, creating company standards. You can then share this with your team members as well as clients and partners. This maximizes the efficiency of your team by creating a common, collaborative and recognizable structure. The structure is improved by contributions from everyone, resulting in better organization.

Create your own Project Template


With Planzone you can also create a project template that suits your way of working. There are several possibilities:

  • Do you have an existing methodology that you have found effective for your projects? Use it as a template for all your future projects, building on its structure. All the elements you created in the initial project (tasks, milestones, documents) are simply duplicated in the template and ready to use in the new project.
  • Do you want to create several projects, basing them on an existing structure? Start by creating a template, add the elements common to all projects and refine by adding specific items for each particular project.

Using a Planzone Project Template

Project Template : Marketing


We’ve designed a project template specifically for the management of a marketing department. It includes:

  • Activities showing the major functions in Marketing (Newsletters, Media Relations, SEO, SMO, Product Management ...)
  • Tasks essential to each activity that can be assigned to different team members e.g. the webmaster or community manager
  • Milestones defining important dates for each activity (a campaign launch, a press release etc…)
  • Documents related to tasks and milestones (HTML files of blogs, newsletters, media kits)

Project Template: Prince2 Methodology


The template we designed for the Prince2 methodology proposes an organization adaptable to all types of projects and includes:

  • Planning the different stages of a project: pre-project, launch, start, closing ...
  • The tasks inherent to each stage: project description, status report, team members ...
  • Milestones that represent deliverables of each stage
  • The Excel documents to be filled in according to the specifics of your project

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